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I value RootedElm for creative services and strategy. Their expertise and the resources provided through the blog, online tips and newsletters are valuable in helping me achieve our company’s goals. Elise Hinchman

Marketing Director, Lexington Podiatry

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Lisa and Jason’s excitement for email marketing is contagious. RootedElm provides insight and background information that helps us get up to speed quickly and make the most of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Peter Cook

Director of Interactive Production, Cornett

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Social Savy: Using Videos to Get Attention

Too gross? Or just the thing for grabbing attention? These are the questions the team at Lexington Podiatry asked themselves when they recently started posting videos of medical procedures on their social media. Elise Menold Hinchman, Marketing Director at Lexington...

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Subject Lines That Get Opened

Your subject line and preheader text are the first thing your audience sees and the deciding factor on whether your email is opened or deleted. So, how do you write subject lines and preheader text that make your subscriber want to open? The Subject Line Your subject...

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Building Email Strategies That Last

Recently I joined a group of women from around the country to attend a Women of Email (WoE) meet-up here in St. Louis. I’ve always struggled to precisely explain what an email marketer does or how I became one. It was a relief to know I’m not the only one! One of the...

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Why You Need a Content Writer

As a marketer, you know that you can't just throw up some amazing graphics and expect people to understand your message. You need words. But which words? How many words? In what order? The answer can be found by asking a professional content writer. I’m a content...

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5 Tips to Make Email Content Easy

Want to ensure your content is engaging and relevant this year? Here are 5 quick tips to help make your email content easy to write and stand out in the inbox:   Draft a Keyword Bank The first step is to do your research to identify your main message. What content...

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