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At RootedELM we’re committed to working with clients that want to make a difference by listening to their audience and responding with relevant content.  We do this through a targeted combination of data analysis, decisive planning and creative ideas. Enthusiasts for knowledge and advocates for industry best practices, we’re here to help you branch-out.

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Lisa Wester

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Intentional Email Design

In Anne Lamott’s bestselling book Bird by Bird, Some Instructions on Writing and Life she recounts a story of how her brother, aged ten at the time, struggled to complete a report on birds he had put off until the last minute. Her father consoled him by...

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There’s an app for that

If you’ve been following RootedELM on Facebook, Twitter or received our email newsletter, you’ve probably noticed our Email Design Tips each Tuesday, and our Content Marketing Tips each Thursday. After talking to our audience, we discovered the bite-size...

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A Few of Our Favorite Emails

Some of the best creative comes out during the holidays. In the spirit of the season, our team has pulled together a few emails we’ve admired over the past few weeks. Lisa Wester - Chief Engagement Officer, Content Marketer Right – Patagonia & Below...

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Tell a Visual Story

A visual image can tell a greater tale than looking at a variety of spreadsheets or paragraphs of text. In the case of email marketing, using a dashboard is a good way to notice trends of key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as subscriber growth, engagement...

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A Good Old Fashioned Thank You

As we near the season of Thanksgiving it’s a beautiful thing to witness the change around us. The leaves are turning, the moon is bright, the chill in the air, the roar of the crowd in the stadium and the taste of pumpkin filled treats everywhere. I’m thankful....

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Ship Shape

One huge takeaway from Content Marketing World 2016 was the concept of slowing down. I especially enjoyed the slide Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and author of Everybody Writes, put up of a tortoise–and not just because of my own little...

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