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At RootedELM we’re committed to working with clients that want to make a difference by listening to their audience and responding with relevant content.  We do this through a targeted combination of data analysis, decisive planning and creative ideas. Enthusiasts for knowledge and advocates for industry best practices, we’re here to help you branch-out.

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Turning Over a New Leaf

It’s February, and outside the frozen ground is hardly conducive to new growth. But here at RootedELM, we’ve been cultivating anyway. You know the old saying, the shoemaker’s children are always the last to have new shoes? Well, we’ve been like the shoemaker for quite...

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Take the Hectic out of Holiday sends

I have a confession: pretty much as soon as the last trick-or-treater has left my front porch, I’m ready to turn on the Christmas music. I know, I know…but there’s something about the end of Halloween that signals the kick-off of the holiday season....

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Spooktacular Campaigns

Halloween is the start of the something great – a time to be someone else, guilt-free indulgence of extra-yummy treats and fun, colorful decor. To honor this devilish day, I’ve pulled together a few campaigns that evoked emotion – enticing me to...

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Friction. noun. fric·tion (ˈfrik-shən) 1. the act of rubbing one thing against another 2. disagreement or tension As marketers, I think we can all agree that friction is not on our list of things to create — Especially when it comes to engaging with our customers....

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Careful About Content

We know that email marketing can have a high return on investment if done properly; One investment you shouldn’t be making is purchasing a list of email addresses. This was a main topic at the Litmus conference last month, a concern in our industry now, and one...

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Back to School: Knowledge is Power

On my graduation day from Olivet College, May 1993, Mother’s Day to be exact, I remember wearing a red dress, cream pumps, rimmed eye glasses and I had a sassy, but professional, short haircut.  I was styling!  My family attended the ceremony and joined the rest...

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Radio No Where

To steal some words from the Boss, the great Bruce Springsteen, “Is there anybody alive out there?” Do you ever send an email campaign and then wonder the exact same thing? The thing is, you can send the most beautiful, well written email in the world–but if you...

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Blogging Basics

Most companies today reach out to their customers beyond the traditional website. You probably have several social media accounts, and even a blog. But do you know what to do with your blog? Are you using it to the best of your abilities? Think of your blog as the Hub...

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Five Journeys for Sales & Marketing in 2014

As marketers, sales professionals and even buyers, we consume and try to make use of data – lots and lots of data. From customer behavioral data, interests, profiles, product data and oh so much more, we surround ourselves with industry insight, experience and...

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Creating content customers will read

When it comes to content, do you know what your audience wants? The number one question to ask yourself is:  What will add value to the customers’ experience? What are they seeking? Next, ask yourself where your audience typically goes to find content. Content needs...

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A Study in Email Engagement

We’re all big soccer fans at RootedELM, so we are more than excited to work with former professional soccer player and coach Tim Twellman on his endeavor to help families of high school students make the ever-important college decision. Together, we’re...

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Ship Shape

One huge takeaway from Content Marketing World 2016 was the concept of slowing down. I especially enjoyed the slide Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and author of Everybody Writes, put up of a tortoise–and not just because of my own little...

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Finding Balance.

“You have to be uncomfortable in order for change to happen” — when I heard my yoga instructor say this last week I was immediately struck by its truth. I am uncomfortable right now. RootedELM, as a whole, is uncomfortable. And we are also on the...

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Blank Space

When it comes to creating content, nothing is more intimidating than the big, blank, white canvas of an empty page. You have an idea of what you want to say, but how do you start? Follow these tips to create content from scratch: Ask Questions. Start by asking: What...

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Ask & Answer in Email

Using surveys accomplishes two things in an email – it entices the subscriber to engage, which aids in delivery of future emails, and it enables you to obtain simple feedback from your audience. We’ve been trying something new lately and have two clients...

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Content Synchronicity

Fact: compelling content must be both strategic and creative. Sometimes, okay rarely, one person can deliver both. More often, it takes two or more people working together to make great content come alive. Synchronicity. The best creative content in the world means...

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