Content Marketing World is an educational event attended by the leading content marketers in the world. The keynote speakers are the best of the best and have the resumes to show for it, too. This year, I was most looking forward to hearing three speakers in particular because of what I’ve learned through their podcasts, online training and personal experience as a co-op member. Jay Acunzo, Robert Rose and Eric Hess with REI did not disappoint!

Attending conferences can be overwhelming and even daunting, but when you’re with 4,000 Content Marketers, everyone has an interesting story to tell, and there is an open, honest and friendly vibe. Because the information shared is vast, I took the advice of Joe Pulizzi, founder of CMI, and made a takeaway list from each specific session I attended, along with a to-do list of what I can accomplish quickly.  It also helped to tweet my thoughts on the sessions in real time. In case you weren’t able to follow along, I’ve captured some of my favorites below. I welcome and look forward to any questions you may have to explore.