Welcome to Rooted ELM, a customer-centric company.

Let’s just word-play for a moment:  engagement, email, experience, education, loyalty, listening, logic, marketing, mobile, management, measurement, metrics, momentum, movement, mentor and most importantly, mom.

Now let’s incorporate where I came from – Michigan, and where I live now, Missouri – both part of the midwest and places where elm trees are fluid. Let’s not forget my maiden name, Lisa Lee Minix, my love for nature and where I find the most peace – hiking among the trees with my energetic family. After all this fun and embracing of my “roots,” naturally the name Rooted ELM came to mind.

Rooted ELM represents me, Lisa Wester, “rooted” in enhancing the customer experience.  After completing a GameStorming session it became apparent that email marketing was only one branch of my consulting work and that I had grown tremendously and flourished in providing complimentary services with loyalty marketing, customer profiling, data and dashboards.

With a new company comes a new brand, a new logo and a new blog. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my brand strategy, my process for development, implementation and management of this new endeavor.  As I grow, I’ll be seeking your insight on the Rooted ELM logo, website and more.