Hello again.

Last week I shared my new company name and it’s reason for existence.  This week I have logo samples to share and look forward to your input.

Gemma Parenti, Owner / Graphic Designer at Parenti Studio in Chicago, graciously took this project on.  She’s not only my good friend but I trust her work.  As the one who oversees the creative work for the NTRA / Breeder’s Cup, along with others, her talents run deep.

For inspiration, I shared with Gemma the lessons learned from my GameStorming session along with colors that appeal to me.  Believe it or not, I sent her a picture of a pillow from Anthropologie and a pattern from Vera Bradley.  My description was pretty simple – be free but strong, shabby-chic but corporate, fresh, clean and awe-inspiring.

I think she hit the mark.  Based on what you know so far about Rooted ELM, what do you think?  I invite you to take a moment to view her designs and help me decide.  I have a favorite but I look forward to hearing your thoughts.