As we move toward a new year and New Year’s Resolutions I wanted to share a program that is working great for my team.  It allows seamless collaboration leaving an environment of accomplishment and success.

Preparing for content can be daunting, especially when you have clients and team members moving in different directions.  Over the years, I’ve worked with clients on developing a marketing calendar to stay organized but the issue of keeping it current, sharing with others and staying on task has always been a challenge.  Earlier this fall, we tested a new cloud-based task management system called Flow and it’s proven to be a huge asset with our client Hyde Park Jewelers.

Hyde Park Jewelers has three locations –  Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas and a stand alone brand called Traditional Jewelers in Newport Beach. Working with their Interactive Marketing Director, Molly, we were able to schedule out an email marketing strategy for their holiday campaigns to match their existing brand and holiday promotions.  With an average of three campaigns per week, per location – efficiency was of the essence.

The results have been amazing.  The email marketing strategy called for two different holiday series. The first was to support holiday events such as a personal appearance and trunk show by Efva Attling, a well-known Sweden designer.  The second was an online shopping series to promote the beautiful and unique pieces Hyde Park Jewelers has available within their online store, making the perfect gift for someone special.

Within Flow, each campaign associated a task for the mock-up deadline.  Jason, the developer, was assigned the task inviting each team member to collaborate to fulfill the goal of the campaign.  For example, the task afforded Molly the ability to upload assets, clarify the audience and comment on design; Jason the ability to show the design and accept feedback; Christina, the copywriter, the ability to upload and edit copy and myself the ability to manage, comment and oversee the entire task.  A second task to launch on a specific date and time was assigned to Molly.  Checking off the task is the reward for a job well done!

We don’t stop there however.  Each campaign has an Advanced Litmus Test attached to understand engagement and subscriber viewing behavior.  Taking this knowledge, along with the campaign tracking results, we continue to collaborate on improvements for upcoming campaigns within Flow.

Efficiency is an understatement.  Since November 27th Hyde Park Jewelers has launched fourteen responsive designed email campaigns based on subscriber interest, status of their Platinum Rewards program and geographic location.  One even had animated snow flakes!  We’re not finished though – we have three campaigns in the pipeline before their final holiday campaign on Christmas Eve.  All will be completed and scheduled by Thursday, December 20th so our team can take time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Flow works for us.  We’re in a grove and find it valuable for all our clients.  So to return to my original question – how do you collaborate?