“You have to be uncomfortable in order for change to happen” — when I heard my yoga instructor say this last week I was immediately struck by its truth.

I am uncomfortable right now. RootedELM, as a whole, is uncomfortable. And we are also on the verge of some very needed change to find balance. As email marketers, we’ve always thought of ourselves as a spoke in the wheel of content marketing. However, I learned yesterday at Content Marketing World 2016 that the spoke concept is actually out-of-date. It makes sense, as content today is intermixed and micro-moments can make a large impact.

We’ve always been invested in content marketing, but going forth, we’re committed to making it our focus. This week I’ve attended Content Marketing World 2016 and I am in my GLORY! The message of truth, creating experiences, personalization, context, and so on is everything we should do as marketers, but we get caught up in the nuances of the day-to-day. Does this sound familiar?

My favorite quote from a vast amount of speakers and wealth of information came from Andy @Crestodina with Orbit Media Studios “Great marketers are creative, analytical and friendly.” I can’t describe how big my smile was and how quickly I tweeted this quote, because this is RootedELM.

There is so much information I can’t wait to share with you over upcoming blog posts. We’re going to “slow down” as Ann Handley from @MarketingProfs talked about in her keynote, to be able to make a larger impact with our audience and produce richer content. Email is still the number one channel for engagement. We’re still here and will continue to educate and assist our customers in sending relevant email campaigns, but it’s time to kick it up a notch and go deeper with our content to help our customers go deeper with theirs.

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And look for our upcoming blogs where we’ll be sharing our new insight. We promise you’ll find something useful!