Some of the best creative comes out during the holidays. In the spirit of the season, our team has pulled together a few emails we’ve admired over the past few weeks.

Lisa Wester - Chief Engagement Officer, Content Marketer

Right – Patagonia & Below – Overstock: With all the online shopping going on this year (at least in my house), I’ve noticed an increase in delivery confirmation emails from vendors. For example, here are two – the first from Patagonia and the second from Overstock. Both take advantage of the white space to offer a coupon or free shipping toward my next purchase and entice me to shop more. I like the followup and reassurance of knowing my package was left on my doorstep.

Below – MarketingProfs Pro: Business to Business needs to get a little credit as well. Although a simple text email, what drew me to this email was the content. Not only did it remind me of what I accomplished through MarketingProfs in 2016 but I was drawn to their use of P.S. and P.P.S. Recognizing the speaker names and having already renewed, I look forward to the benefits of my membership in 2017.

Christina Noll - Strategic Partner, Content Writer

Below – JCrew: With the deluge of emails in my inbox this time of year, this JCrew email caught my attention right away because it identified a specific need I might have this holiday season. Once it had my attention (‘Hey, I need party attire!’), it quickly followed with a solution plus a discount to entice me to take action right away.

Jason Meeker - Strategic Partner, Design & Development

Right – Target on mobile: Target is a really great one – not only does the design incorporate well into the collapsed mobile version (second image) but it also seamlessly includes recommended products.

Below – JCrew: The animation in this email campaign is just fun! The mailbox opens and closes, revealing the present. Not to mention, the subject line is right on point. Subject Line: Attn, procrastinators: last day to get your gifts at

JCrew Holiday Email 40% off

Below –  Bonobus: The animation in this email caught my eye immediately as the delivery truck at the top moves across the top of the email. The rhyming header, content and call to action add depth and perfection.

Patagonia Delivered Campaign

Below – Nordstrom Rack: The “Love, Nordstrom” campaign theme reminds me of warm feelings of a friendly Christmas Card. Each of their email campaigns have been colorful, eye-catching with clear call to action buttons. The theme is extended throughout the website for a cohesive online shopping experience.

Below – JCrew: When I opened this one morning it immediately drew me in because it made me feel like I was getting an exclusive scoop on a deal. The enticing graphic design featuring the bold bird kept this email simple, yet effective in conveying the message.

Below – Target: As a content writer, I’m drawn to any kind of clever play on words in the subject line.  This one from Target caught my eye, and even though I was not in the market for family pajamas, convinced me to click open. Subject Line: Our 50% off pajama sale ends in one sleep.

Target on Mobile

Below –  MOO: Moo is one of our favorite brands to follow. The content in this email is oh so original and let’s say spicy! The email design is clean, crisp and functional.


Well….that’s a wrap! Which one was your favorite? Our eyes will stay peeled for even more exceptional campaigns. Please send us any good, or even bad campaigns, that cross your inbox.


Happy Holidays!