On my graduation day from Olivet College, May 1993, Mother’s Day to be exact, I remember wearing a red dress, cream pumps, rimmed eye glasses and I had a sassy, but professional, short haircut.  I was styling!  My family attended the ceremony and joined the rest of my sorority sisters and their families for a potluck celebration afterward. I had a job waiting and was ready to enter the business world.

Two years later I entered graduate school at Aquinas College as a part-time student.  My company felt I had potential in Marketing. Intrigued and excited, I was ready to hit the books. I earned a Masters of Management degree four years later and discovered that I absolutely loved Marketing.

That degree helped me see the professional world differently.  I moved on to work for a distributor for Aveda products in sales and then internal marketing with Chrysler Corporation and of recent, I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past nine years.  Each professional challenge required learning corporate jargon, lingo, acronyms, technology and personalities.  Oh… the personalities… but that’s a story for another post.

Going back to school is inevitable. It’s inevitable for my children and it’s inevitable as a professional.

Knowledge is power and this industry is ever-changing. From email design to content marketing. From ExactTarget to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From email metrics to KPI’s and dashboards.  We must stay fresh to survive.

This year, when it came time to head back to school, I chose Marketing Profs University.  I chose three online deep-dive courses to help me, and help my clients flourish: Content Marketing Crash Course, Marketing Writing Bootcamp and Marketing Measurement and Analytics.

Each time I listen to a course, my mind spins as I think of a client that would benefit from the content. It’s what I need to stay creative one day and strategic another.

What I appreciate most about these courses is that they are taught by peers, I participate on my own time and each course presents industry examples.  As a satisfied student, I highly recommend you check out Marketing Profs University.  After all, they inspired me to begin writing blog posts again.