An honor indeed! RootedELM and our client, Hyde Park Jewelers, received recognition as the Power of One Awards Finalist for Design at the ExactTarget Connections Conference.

Career Builder actually crossed the stage as the winner but the Hyde Park logo was front-and-center during the announcement.  Although this is the fourth award* that my team has been recognized as a finalist, I’ve never been disappointed.  It’s truly an honor to have the collaboration of our team and the confidence afforded by our client to have a project to share through an award application.  We all win.

The Award Process

Applying for an award allows reflection and a deep dive into where we started and where we are today.  It measures success and affords an opportunity to compare our work against others.  It validates our intuition and analytic interpretation to refine the customer engagement strategy and campaign design.  I love it and just going through the process is rewarding.

The ExactTarget Power of One Award application focused on the responsive design coding for proper rendering on all devices and the creativity, using animation, of RootedELM Strategic Partner Jason Meeker.  Working closely with the Interactive Marketing Director at Hyde Park Jewelers, Molly Wojcik, Jason designed and developed an engaging Valentine’s Day series.  Even better, these campaigns resulted in a significant increase in online sales, exceeding their goal.

Our Work with Hyde Park

We invite you to read more in our previous blog post about the Hyde Park Jeweler Valentine’s Day campaign series along with a featured inspiration blog post written and shared by Litmus titled A Heart-y Dose of Responsive Design, Animation and Clever ALT Text from Hyde Park Jewelers.

We haven’t stopped there – in collaboration with Molly, we’ve created many beautiful and engaging campaigns for Hyde Park Jewelers since, and the holiday season is right around the corner.  Having the ability to promote and display exquisite jewelery to their permission-based audience is a joy and playful job to have.  I only wish I could afford more of the beautiful pieces!

Our Accomplishments as Award Finalists

  • 2013 ExactTarget Power of One for Design for Hyde Park Jewelers
  • 2012 Colloquy Awards Finalist for the Travel & Hospitality Industry for BHG Rewards featuring BHG University
  • 2010 ExactTarget Subscribers’ Rule Award for BHG Rewards
  • 2010 Colloquy Awards Finalist for the Travel & Hospitality Industry for BHG Rewards