It’s February, and outside the frozen ground is hardly conducive to new growth. But here at RootedELM, we’ve been cultivating anyway.

You know the old saying, the shoemaker’s children are always the last to have new shoes? Well, we’ve been like the shoemaker for quite a while now so we decided to make a change. After too many months with an “under construction” website, we carved out some time and performed a little maintenance in our own backyard. We’re finally tending to our own garden.

But our goal wasn’t just to have the website live; we wanted to hone in on exactly who we are and what we provide to our customers. A total refocus for 2016. We talked a lot about our voice and tone, what we’re really good at providing, and what really helps us to thrive. Then we created a website that mirrors these values.

To start, we wanted a clean, simple design that is easy to navigate. We’ve narrowed down our focus to just email marketing—what we’re best at—and our website reflects this change. We also chose individual photos that show us in our element, enjoying life in the moment, as opposed to corporate shots that don’t really convey who we are and what we bring to the team.

So take a look around the website—a sort of virtual walk through our newly pruned garden—and tell us what you think. We’d love it if you took this short survey so we can ensure we’re sowing seeds of change and fostering growth.