You have the perfect design, but if you don’t have the right words or your timing is off, your message is lost. In Marketing — whether email or blog or social media — compelling content is key.

How do you know if your content is compelling? Follow these simple rules to determine if your message needs to be shared:

Let your content drive your message.

Don’t force a schedule. Are you sharing just because your calendar said it was time to post another blog or send out another email? Remember: the world won’t end if your email or blog post doesn’t launch when the calendar says it should. Having something essential to say to your audience is more important than the fact that they’re hearing from you. If what you’re putting in front of the reader isn’t insightful, they’ll not only stop reading, they will likely stop engaging altogether.

Make sure your words have a purpose.

For email marketing, Lifecycle messaging is a great place to start. Your emails are targeted and relevant. Ideas include email campaigns related to a recent purchase, appointment reminder, customer survey, order reminder, missed you campaign or birthday and anniversary well wishes, etc.

Promotional emails are necessary but before pressing send ask “how does this message offer value to the individual?

Note we said individual and not list. As Jimmy Daly presented in a recent online course by MarketingProfs University titled Marketing Writing Bootcamp: Email, you want to “write for an audience of one.”

Another question to ask yourself is, “Is this promotional email viral worthy? Would I forward this email to a friend?

Keeping these simple rules in mind will make a drastic difference in your engagement.