If done right, public relations allows you to reach a large part of your audience without the expense of traditional advertising. Marketers today have the advantage of using social media for immediate access to potential customers. But public relations also includes traditional methods, such as newspaper articles, special events and word of mouth.

Several of our own clients have asked us public relations best practices–you may have seen our post last week on social media crisis management–so we thought we’d share some public relations basics in a series of blogs. Look for a new post in this series about once each month.

So what makes for good PR?

Forbes mentions great content as one of the five must haves for good public relations and I wholeheartedly agree. As a content specialist, I know that a well written press release, blog post or even message on Twitter can be the difference between companies that get talked about and those that don’t. As consumers, we tend to share that which we find witty and entertaining, so content is indeed key. Timing is also important, as are knowing which media outlets to pursue, and using a personal approach.

Our series will discuss all of the above as well as other topics, including:

  • How social media is changing public relations
  • Developing a public relations plan
  • Controlling your message
  • Combining traditional media and new media
  • Writing a press release
  • Which social media channels do you really need to be on?
  • How to build your own buzz
  • Public relations events

Have a question about public relations you’d like to see answered on our blog? Just let me know! Email [email protected].