You’ll want to enjoy a cup of coffee with this post.

The weather may not have turned crisp and cool yet, but it’s officially the first day of Fall so we can’t resist breaking out the pumpkin recipes. There’s always time to bake pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars—really all things pumpkin. And there’s something so therapeutic and calming about baking.

With the holidays close and a calendar filled with email campaigns to develop, Fall tends to be the busiest time of year for email marketers. Listening to a podcast while working on a secondary task will keep your professional development on track, ensuring you’re on target for your holiday campaigns and 2018 planning.


Save time with a podcast

I find that listening to a podcast or audiobook while I’m working on a personal task such as driving, walking the dog or cooking dinner, helps me brainstorm, solve problems, and inspires creativity. Many times, I stop what I’m doing and either take notes on paper or have Siri do it for me by talking into my iPhone.

– Lisa Wester

Multitasking doesn’t have to mean juggling three complicated tasks at once. The best multitasking allows you to accomplish goals while being more efficient so you can enjoy more personal time.

Highly recommended podcasts:

Here are three of our favorite podcasts that have helped build our content marketing strategy, email design and personal development:

The Marketing Cloudcast with Heike Young, Salesforce

The Email Design Podcast with Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez, Litmus

Unthinkable Podcast with Jay Acunzo

Not only are these three enjoyable to listen to, but excellent examples to follow if you are interested in producing a podcast for your company.

Sample some of this pumpkin bread below and while you’re baking, use your wandering mind to your advantage. It’s a recipe we’ve taste tested multiple times and shared on numerous occasions. The mini-loaves make the perfect gift — giving you the benefit of crossing off another task during the holiday season.