Sometimes all it takes is a reminder that we don’t have to push the panic button. It can be hard to switch off. There is so much stress—in the news, in our work sometimes, and despite the joy they bring, even in the preparation for the holidays.

It’s okay to step away. There’s no rush. Think about your true goal—whether it be personal or related to the message you want to impart to your audience. If you’re under the wire and feeling pressure, add some space. Go for a walk. Take some time to mull it over.

There’s no better time to step back and take a deep breath than this week. Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Close up your laptop for a while and just revel in all that you have to be thankful for this year.

You’ll come back refreshed and full of enthusiasm for your work…..That’s our plan.

We wish you all the best this Thanksgiving and we hope you enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend!