The results are in and the Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky Re-engagement campaign was a huge success!

Last summer, we worked with PCAK to clean up their existing mailing list and supply targeted information to their audience, with a goal of increasing the open rates and overall engagement.

A Little Background

PCAK was sending out emails to a single mailing list which consisted of more than one target audience. Although they fell within the median with engagement metrics for non-profits, with an average open rate of 18% and unique click-through rate of 4%, they realized that much of their information was missing the target audience and needed to be tailored toward the specific groups.

With such distinct segmentation among their audience, PCAK needed to develop separate lists so that targeted emails were focused on the specific needs of the audience.

Re-Engaging the Audience

A re-engagement campaign was created to differentiate PCAK’s audiences, with an initial email sent out explaining that PCAK was cleaning up their mailing list and encouraging the recipient to choose their correct category for engagement. Recipients could select to continue receiving updates about parenting education and resources, or they could select to continue receiving updates about events and training opportunities. A third selection allowed recipients to opt-out of receiving any further emails from PCAK.

The re-engagement plan included a second email, approximately one week later, reminding recipients to define their level of engagement by choosing to opt-in to one of the two categories. Finally, a third email, sent out approximately a week after the second, issued a “last chance” to opt-in*.

“We really focused on being a lot more targeted,” explains Becky Kissick, Prevention Services Specialist with PCAK. “We asked our audience what they wanted to hear and we tried to be very strategic in what we sent out, tailoring our messages to what they said they wanted to hear.”

The Results

As a result of the campaign, and PCAK’s dedication to providing more targeted content, their average open rate has increased dramatically to 46% totaling a 28% growth!  Their unique click-through rate was not to shabby either resulting in a 25% average, totaling 21.4% growth.

“It’s solely based on the fact that we’re asking people what they want and we’re making sure we fill that need,” says Becky. “Not only has it made a huge difference in engagement and promotion, but it’s also really positively affected our budget because we’re not sending out 30,000 direct mail pieces that don’t need to be sent.”

*PCAK made a decision to retain those unengaged for a few annual campaigns focusing on general information.  Over the past 60 days, four campaigns have launched to this general audience resulting in a slight increase of 1.24% unique click-through rates (4.9% from 3.7%).  Open rates remained the same at 18% as they were prior to the re-engagement campaign last summer.

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