Issue 8
June 26, 2017

With all the emails that end up in your inbox, there are always a few that stand out. Here at RootedELM, we’re email geeks — we admit it. Whether it’s outstanding content, design or development, when we see it, we want to share it. Watch for our insight here, direct from our own inboxes, and use it to inspire your next campaign.

Lisa Wester


Campaign Monitor

How to Retain More Customers with Post-Purchase Email Automation

Being a robust email service provider, Campaign Monitor has a leg-up knowing how to build a good email to engage their audience.

I’ve noticed lately this little emoji stand out in my inbox when Campaign Monitor has a new post for me to read. Although I reference the Campaign Monitor blog often, this particular email caught my attention with the first five words in the subject line: “ How to Retain” followed by the simple pre-header of “Drive repeat purchases.”

Graphically, there is hardly anything to this email but the content is strong. In two short paragraphs, they have set up the problem and introduced a solution using “Read On” as the CTA. Sending two to three times per week, Campaign Monitor uses this branded email template with a short one to two paragraph lead-in consistently to introduce their latest insight. It’s clear Campaign Monitor has one goal — for their audience to click-through to their blog and for me personally, it works!

Fodor's Travel Email


Jason Meeker


Master & Dynamic

A shipment from order #10640 is out for delivery⁩

A lot of companies don’t really make great impressions with their transactional emails, especially when it comes to shipping. A lot of times it’s more of a data issue as apposed to an email issue necessarily. I really can’t remember the last time I received a shipment notification and was surprised and delighted by it. In fact, the first email I received from Master & Dynamic informing me the new pads for my MW60 headphones had shipped got deleted. The follow-up emails however made me take notice.

While these two follow-up shipment emails could use some branding love their content more than makes up for the lack of it. By leveraging the data that most of the major shippers provide via API’s Master & Dynamic sent two additional shipment emails; one to notify that my order was our for delivery and another to notify me that it was delivered. The other nice part of their tracking CTA in the “out for delivery” email is it takes you straight to a landing page with all the tracking data and order details without pesky log-ins or asking for additional information. Both emails create a nice touch point with customers that make an overlooked process a little more personal.

Master & Dynamic Email


A shipment from order #10640 has been delivered⁩⁩

Master & Dynamic Email


Christina Noll


Zola Registry

It’s time to think PINK

I’m not typically a girly-girl, but this pink themed email caught my attention with its simple design and rose-colored hue. The copy is conversational and fresh, including the line in the bottom panel with the social media which says, “Need help? Or just want to complain about the in-laws?” Another eye catching element is the animated iPad image under the Wedding registry segment.

Zola Registry Email



Rose Gold Flamingo Print Classics

Okay, so I’m obviously into pink this week! I always love the simple, classic design of Toms emails and I’m drawn in by the catchy copy writing, including, “Whatever Floats Your Flamingo.” Shopping Toms is also a feel good experience because of their policy of giving a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. I’m not sure these flamingo print shoes are my thing, but I definitely clicked on the “Shop limited edition prints” CTA to see if there was another pair I couldn’t live without.

Toms Email


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