When it’s time to choose a service provider, how do you decide who to trust? A word-of-mouth, personal recommendation is preferred, but not always available. The next best thing is to read the customer reviews.

Elise Hinchman, Marketing Director at Lexington Podiatry, has seen how a well-designed review system can be one of the best sources of advertising. She sent us this email:

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for helping us build and maintain PASS (Post Appointment Survey System)…This review cultivation has become one of the major sources of our advertising.”

Elise’s team received a positive review on Google (4.8 out of 5 stars) from a new patient who was seen during a busy afternoon. The patient received the post-appointment follow up survey, created through Salesforce Marketing Cloud then to sent via SurveyGizmo to her email. The results show up on Google as a review.

Elise says the patient received the survey at 10 in the morning after her appointment, left a nice survey and followed the link to click through with the Google review. She says, “People tell us all the time now that they come to us because we have so many reviews…plus, if we have a bad one, the fact that we have cultivated so many good ones helps to drown that out tremendously.”

Want to learn more about how the Post Appointment Survey System came about at Lexington Podiatry? We wrote a Customer Success Story about our process.