All this talk about creating content is terrific, but unless you have a wealth of information stuck inside your head, eventually the question arises: Where does content come from?

There are a few ways you can curate new content and they’re all surprisingly easy:

-Research: find the best information from other sources and annotate/organize it for your customers

-Your own experience: Tell your own story; Lisa does a great job at this on our blog

-Interview your customers: provide a mini-case study on the blog or answer a question/challenge

-Conduct a poll or survey: Then follow up with a blog that gives the results.

-Ask for a guest post: ask someone whose opinion you value to write a post you can share

-Reuse your best old content: Consider revising existing content for a fresh post

-Extend content: break content into several blog posts to create a series

-Take advantage of popular topics: When possible, tie your story to breaking news and hot topics

Using these simple techniques, you can generate content that is both meaningful and valuable to your customers without spending hours and hours searching for a topic on your own.

We love to hear from you: Share with us your own ideas for curating fresh content!