When it comes to content, do you know what your audience wants?

The number one question to ask yourself is:  What will add value to the customers’ experience? What are they seeking? Next, ask yourself where your audience typically goes to find content. Content needs to be written differently depending on where it will be consumed.

Make your content stand out

There’s an overwhelming amount of content already competing for everyone’s attention. You need to make sure your content is engaging, susinct and relevant. How can you do this?

  • – Use a conversational tone.
  • – Provide links, videos, infographics, etc.
  • – Always remember that less is more.
  • – Provide valuable information that the reader will want to share.
  • – Make it easy for them to share.
  • – Base your decision about the type of content to provide on customer data you’ve already collected, including preferences and purchase history.
  • – Edit. There’s always room for improvement. Streamline your content for the best possible results.

Using these basic tips, you can create content that will actually get read and hopefully shared. Even better, you’re providing valuable service to your customers!