Most companies today reach out to their customers beyond the traditional website. You probably have several social media accounts, and even a blog. But do you know what to do with your blog? Are you using it to the best of your abilities?

Think of your blog as the Hub of your company content. It’s the place content starts out so it can be pushed, via social media channels, out to the masses. It’s the place where you can provide useful, relevant information that your customers and potential customers can access and utilize.

But how do you ensure that your blog is being read?

  • Keep it brief. About 300-500 words should suffice.
  • Say it in your own words. Keep it casual. Remember, this is a conversation with your customer.
  • Use your words to reflect what you stand for, not what your selling.
  • Use short paragraphs, bullet points and graphics to engage your reader.
  • Incorporate links and use call to action to encourage clicks on your company website.
  • End posts with a question, call to action, or conversation starter. Encourage readers to come back!

Once you’ve written your blog post, don’t stop there. Make your content easy to find and easy to share.

  • Write a catchy headline
  • Include a kicker, or meta tag, up to 255 characters giving key information from the post
  • Double check all links are accurate and live
  • Share your post via social media channels

And here’s a brand new tip we just picked up at Content Marketing World 2016: remove the date from your blog posts to keep content fresh.

If you provide solid blog content and use proven methods to get it in front of your audience, your blog can be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and customer engagement!