When our client Lexington Podiatry wanted spearhead an initiative that focuses on one of their core values—hospitality—we knew it would take just the right email campaign. The solution was a patient satisfaction survey that enables the company to track both positive and negative feedback and respond accordingly. Elise Menold, Marketing Director with Lexington Podiatry, outlined the main challenges faced by the company at the outset, including:

  • Failed past customer response initiatives, including a sporadic secret shopper program.
  • Dismal results from a previous paper survey
  • A need for a four-pronged patient satisfaction survey, to better differentiate results.

We have always given excellent patient care and ‘guest service,’ but now that we have made a commitment to hospitality, our mindset is different.

Elise Menold, Lexington Podiatry

RootedELM team member Connie Zabarovskaya worked closely with Lexington Podiatry to develop and enhance the patient satisfaction survey. The newly created survey addresses these challenges by providing a customizable path that takes into consideration each customer’s unique experience. The result has been significant, including increased Google reviews and the ability to respond more quickly to customers. Read more about Lexington Podiatry’s experience in our case study. GET THE CASE STUDY