We’re all big soccer fans at RootedELM, so we are more than excited to work with former professional soccer player and coach Tim Twellman on his endeavor to help families of high school students make the ever-important college decision. Together, we’re creating an entirely new email engagement campaign that we project will end with A+ results. Follow along as we head back to school:

Part 1: Background

The College Program started about 12 years ago with a mission of helping families better understand their college options and maximize their potential.  The College Game Report is a personalized 30+ page report, customized for each individual and providing key facts and clear guidelines to help families make the best possible college choice.

Tim Twellman, founder of The College Program says, “We’re working with families, students, student-athletes and schools, trying to help them understand the magnitude of the decision their about to make. We pull in athletics, but we also work with non-athletes. We try to give them all the information they need up front so they can make the best decision.”

Initially, The College Program sent out emails to large lists on their own. “In the last six months we’ve taken a different approach to our marketing,” says Tim. “I’ve always been intrigued by email marketing and the way it comes across to a potential customer, but I was having difficulty doing it.”

Utilizing the services of RootedELM, The College Program has since launched a comprehensive email campaign to gain new subscribers as well as nurture existing clients. Working on a tight budget, we used colors and a simple infographic style format to grab attention with mobile viewing in mind, without the additional cost of custom graphics and advanced html coding.

“As I see things coming through, the reports look amazing. It’s absolutely incredible the information we’re able to get back. I didn’t even know that was possible,” says Tim. “We can track who’s opening and what page of our website their going to, so it really gives a good feel of what people are looking for.”

Next: we’ll talk about our nurturing strategy and the pre and post surveys we’re using to engage and understand both parents and students who have attended The College Program seminars.